Trainings/ Events


You can have leadership training in the palm of your hand to take with you anywhere. From improving your personal production to Managing Your team. Get the tools and resources to help you stand out in your industry.

High Productivity Accelerator

From the coach that improves productivity by 50%- 65%, comes an opportunity to realize your goals and outcomes. This accelerator session will push you harder than you are accustomed to, but will organize your efforts and maximize your work.

If you want to make more income, Coach Adrian J.R. Davis and his team will teach you the proven method that he used to double his income in a 12 month span and continue the financial growth at 50% each year afterwards.

Motivational Talks

It doesn't matter if it is a Day Long Seminar, or an Annual Leadership Conference, providing a motivational message goes a long way to boosting productivity. Having a motivational  speech can remind your team to reflect on the true reason for why they come to work daily and the effect they have on the market place.


Reserve your Motivational Talent today for your sales, management, or production team. We have worked with:  Fortune 100 companies, State agencies, and Non-profits 

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"Adrian is a great motivator and keeping you on task. He is very professional and punctual. He takes the time to get to know you so that he can cater the service to you."

- Bryan D.

"Working with Adrian gave me encouragement and a whole new perspective on how to enhance my customer base. I would highly recommended working with Adrain and Crown Davis Memberships. ("

-Derek M.

"We have seen our production and income double and in some instances triple , when we have worked with him. His honesty and foresight into new areas that the company has ventured to go into has been found to be valuable. We recommend his service and coaching to anyone that is seeking to push themselves or their company to the next level."

- Patricia D.