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Move from struggling to keep clients to repeat customers:

It is possible to increase your sells and customer engagement by focusing on turning your company culture into a customer service culture. This will stop the slow leak of customers from your distribution list and bring others to you without increasing your marketing budget. In this interactive course, participants will gain the concepts that stick and provide faster implementation. The course even touches on how the internal customer service culture can play a major part in increased productivity and likeability from the external customer’s perspective.

In this course you will learn: 

  1. Identify the current state of your Customer Service Culture:

       It is hard to improve or hit a target that you don’t know exist or where you are position in reference to it. This course will allow participant to assess and grade their personal customer service score to see where the strengths lie and where the opportunities are for greater improvement.  This is ALL done in REAL-time.

2.       Identify / Learn the Customer Service Model:

       A common language and an aligned model for customer service success will be unveiled that shows each person of the company where they fit inside a truly customer service culture. Participants will be able to assess if they are operating at a high level because of their placement or if there is opportunity for change when they understand the power of the model. There is a reason why some people succeed being customer-facing and others don’t. Everyone will learn why.


3.       Identify / Diagnose Customer Service Culture Roles:

       Having a person in the wrong position and doing the wrong thing can be detrimental to the organization as well as the customer experience. Identifying roles and their behaviors and characteristics will position the organization to exceed the expectations of both the employees and the customers you serve.


4.       Develop an action plan for delivery:

       What is learned in this course only matters if it can be put into action in a timely manner. Each person will work toward a REAL challenge within the company and develop a plan of action. This is the true Return on Investment (ROI) indicator, if ideas are brought to development and makes a positive impact on the overall customer service experience.

Live In-Person Tuition

                    1-15 People                  $175.00 each

            15-25 People                $150.00 each

Length of Training:

                        2.5 Hours or  …                4 hours

Creating a Customer Service Culture

Availability: Open Enrollment
                       Company Teams
1-15 ppl
15-25 ppl



I have been in a lot of trainings and currently in a leadership journey, but this class was the best that I have been apart of. 


The group you came in to  do Customer Service Training with are not an easy group. They usually see trainings like this as a burden, but not yours. Well Done!


The class was very engaging and you found a way to motivate us while keeping us thinking about real time solutions for the business.