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How to motivate yourself where there is nothing impossible to achieve:

The amount of things that get done within a day is reliant on how much effort a person puts forward. The lack of motivation keeps many people from achieving at the level they wish to achieve. In this powerful course, participants will learn what they need to do to become internally driven to produce at their greatest level. This tools and the principles in this course can make quantum leaps in the amount of productivity in a person’s life, a business unit, or a team.

In this course you will learn: 

1.The Significance of Deciding:

Being indecisive can be the single thing that keeps a person from being viewed as a leader or a person that gets things done. In this course, participants will learn and go through the process for how to cut away every other choice and “decide” to make a positive change for more productivity.

2.Identify things that hold you back from or propel you to success:

In this digital world where we instantly accept a friend request or connection on social media, it is important to understand who and what could be holding us back from maximum impact on our goals. This session will take participants through a series of exercises to differentiate what is good or conversely bad for us in moving toward our targeted goals.


3.Create plans so simple you can’t fail:

Many things in life are too complex. The art of simplicity is often overlooked and underrated. The course will show how impactful it can be to simplify a: process, task, or system so that it is fail proof.


4.The habit of execution:

The biggest lever that can be switched to get the most out of ourselves and others is the lever of habits. Be become what we do over and over. The work we do is all around how we perform our work. This part of the training will deep dive into how to develop and override habits so that we are most successful.



Live In-Person Tuition

                    1-15 People                  $225.00 each

            15-25 People                $195.00 each

Length of Training:

                                            Only 6 Hours Offering

The Art of Motivating Self and Team

Availability: Open Enrollment
                       Company Teams
1-15 ppl
15-25 ppl



i learned to step out on faith, surround myself with successful individuals and change my environment, and DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!


Such a great experience! I left feeling empowered and ready to tackle my goals. You owe it to yourself to follow your dreams.


It is amazing how just a little  tweak in your thought process can make such a big change in your outcome.

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