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Take your office from High-stress to one of healthy communication:

A boss and co-workers can single-handedly keep a talent that could have been lured away to another organization. To the contrary, disrespect and constant conflict can push a top performer in the arms of your competitor. In this course, participants will learn the power of conflict management and when to use the correct style for the appropriate instance.

In this course you will learn: 

  1. Understand the Stages of Conflict and Their Behavioral Signs:

    • As a working professional at any level, it is beneficial to be able to resolve conflict. One of the first steps to doing this is identifying the signs that you could be dealing with a situation that could be headed for a conflict. With a proven model, the participants will learn what to look for and what stage of conflict they could be facing.

  2. Understand Conflict Management Styles:

    • Everyone person has a conflict management style, knowing yours could be the difference in how you approach employees, customers, or stake holders when situations are heightened. Participants will learn the 5 Conflict Management styles and when and when not to use them.

  3.  Learn 4 Tactics To Resolve Workplace Conflict:

    • After identifying that there may be workplace conflict, how do you insure that you resolve it in a timely and ideal manner. 4 major tactics will be provided to assist the participants with interfacing with each situation successfully. 

  4. Understand How To Use the Conflict Resolution Model:

    • When disagreements turn to arguments and argument turn to conflict, a solution is needed in real-time. The proven model to resolve most conflicts has been developed and will be provided to all participants as a process; before, during, and after a tough conversations.

Live In-Person Tuition

                    1-15 People                  $225.00 each

            15-25 People                $195.00 each

Length of Training:

                                            Only 6 Hours Offering

Resolving Conflict in Work and in Life

Availability: Open Enrollment
                       Company Teams
1-15 ppl
15-25 ppl



i learned to step out on faith, surround myself with successful individuals and change my environment, and DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!


Such a great experience! I left feeling empowered and ready to tackle my goals. You owe it to yourself to follow your dreams.


It is amazing how just a little  tweak in your thought process can make such a big change in your outcome.

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